About Me


My name is Dr Patrick Loup


I live at the top of Europe, working as a General Practician for the County Council in Swedish Lapland.

Sometimes I get an idea off the medical charts. This is highly irritating.

To reset myself I, now and then, find the energy and time to try to realize a project or two.


However, a creative project is seldom linear.

The idea has become something else when the floor is swept (and my guitar has gently...)


William Warg draws the caricatures of the celebrities/known/infamous speechers when he can find time ofe from the scientific studies in high school.

Both of us nourish the possibility that people in power arenĀ“t all that stupid and self-centered - all the time.

To release the frustration when the above statement is contradicted - we tend to take boxing classes every other evening. It helps!